The Importance of Vaastu in buying Homes

December 27th, 2017

People keep several factors in mind while buying homes, everything from location, to amenities, neighbourhood and budget are important parameters. Not surprisingly, from the Indian buyers’ perspective, another important factor governs the purchase of a property, that is – Vaastu Shastra (Vaastu) or the science of Architecture/science of dwelling. Vaastu is basically a set of practices that deals with the aspect of dwelling and the layout of a home and its components with the aim of benefiting the home owner and/or the dweller.

Popularity and Belief

Over the years, Vaastu has become a very important consideration when buying homes. Recent survey and research amongst home buyers showed that a little over 80% of them believe strongly in Vaastu and consider it as one of the major factors before buying a home.

Developers too, have grasped the role that Vaastu plays in the construction of homes and have been actively adhering to the norms set by the science. In fact, developers these days have Vaastu experts or consultants helping them on Vaastu compliance during construction. One can confidently say that many major developers in India have embraced Vaastu Shastra and use it for construction of properties.

‘’Vastu is an ancient science of architecture through which a congenial setting can be made in a residence or workplace. It is a planning oriented process, which involves various steps.’’
Rameshwar Prasad, Director, Vastu International

The popularity and belief in Vaastu are such that even commercial real estate developers and buyers actively comply with the Vaastu norms to ensure success and prosperity of business ventures. Why Vaastu is important?

For better life

Every home owner looks forward to a prosperous and peaceful living devoid of issues and stress. Complying with Vaastu helps owners/occupants move towards that objective as far as residing in the home is concerned.

Leading a healthy and happy life is everybody’s dream and as per understanding Vaastu plays a vital role here. It helps set up the architecture and design of the home in such a way that it balances with the five elements of nature which in turn helps provide a more balanced, peaceful and prosperous living conditions.

‘’An essential belief and truth about Vaastu is that it helps in reducing issues pertaining to Health, Wealth, Prosperity and Success of the occupants of the home and helps in the betterment of life in general.’’

For better ROI

Another very important area where Vaastu plays a role is in the re-sale of the property. Many buyers look for Vaastu compliant homes and make that a mandatory requirement to purchase a second or third hand property. So for all those who do not believe in Vaastu, it becomes important to anyway go by Vaastu just in case they plan a re-sale of their property sometime in the future.

Vaastu also helps when there is an immediate need for property sale under emergency conditions to obtain the much required liquidity. Home owners tend to find buyers quicker due to Vaastu compliance and can also sell the property easily.

Increases Commercial value of property

Some people get transferred to places due to their jobs and career, some others choose to relocate based on family and social needs. A Vaastu compliant home is an easy sell under these situations and can even bring higher price. The bargaining power of the seller or home owner increases due to Vaastu compliance and there is scope for an increase in the commercial value of the property at the time of re-sale.

On the contrary, if a home is not Vaastu compliant, there will be limited buyers which could decrease the bargaining power of the seller leading to an eventual decrease in the commercial value of the property.

Vaastu also helps when it comes to renting properties, people who invest in property for rental purposes stand to gain much if the home is Vaastu compliant. One, the home owner will find it easy to rent it as many tenants look for Vaastu compliant homes and two, there is scope to bargain for a higher rental in times of heavy demand.

The end motive of Vaastu is to enhance living standards of the occupants and help them live a more peaceful, healthy and prosperous life. Sometimes people buy homes as investments and even in such cases, Vaastu helps to provide a good return on investment due to its higher resale and rental value.

Purchase of a home is definitely a big thing for many people as they put their life’s savings into a home. Hence, it is more important to purchase a Vaastu compliant home so that the future of the home owners is better both in terms of health and prosperity and return on investment. And for all those who do not believe in the concept, it is still good to go by it because it always helps in times of re-sale and rental.

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