Will Bangalore look forward to Green Diwali this year?

October 16th, 2018

Bangalore night sky

The Bangalore night sky with its systematically disorganized patterns of stars is a breathtaking sight to witness. Ammu and her friends love it too and have decided to go green this Diwali to retain the beauty we were born to see.

They have decided to switch to lanterns and will gather in the night to watch their little bulbs of happiness fly high gradually. A smoke filled sky the previous year wasn’t a pretty sight. All she could hear were dogs barking and crackers rustling, with a mask on her face.

The Bold Step
“Be the Change you wish to see in the world”, said Mahatma Gandhi once. These very words had stuck in Ammu’s mind when she heard the rise of air pollutants in Bangalore’s environment was over 50% in 2017.

The “bold step” or the need of the hour is not fueled by words but is a result of how much longer can we, or perhaps, should we continue to increase the casualties at a time when there should be nothing but festivity happiness and cheerful faces around.

According to the Indian Express, over 1.81 million deaths in the country is caused due to air pollution and this is an alarming reason why it needs to stop. Sadly, the numbers do not consider the animals who fall prey too.

Dropping the weapons
This is not a war that environmental conservationists, the firework loving audience and the concerned population need to wage. This is a time when we all need to drop the weapons.

The weapons here are the fireworks during Diwali. The supreme court’s ban on firecrackers received a lot of mixed reviews but the intention never is to hurt the sentiments of the festivity celebrations.

Go Green
The change begins at the moment you decide to drop the weapons. Once you are ready to walk the path of righteousness, there is nothing to stop you from it. Though the list could go on, here are a few things you could do instead of firing crackers.

  1. Gathering around a bonfire with friends and family could be a great way to connect amidst the hustle bustle of the routine. Loosen up and play some games.
  2. Why not try what Ammu did? The festival of lights should definitely end with lighting up the night sky and this is definitely one of the best ways of doing it.
  3. Eco-Friendly has been a buzzword and a casual session of bursting eco-friendly crackers would not be much of a harm.

Not bursting crackers gets rid of the nasty air pollution index in the country, which has, by the way, placed us at the 177th rank out of 180 countries!

This will not bring an end to air pollution but it is definitely a step forward to reducing it. We need to attack the root causes of it and firecrackers just happen to be the third largest contributor. The first two being, automobiles and industries.

No matter how small a change, you can help Bangalore breathe fresh air this Diwali and could there be anything more joyous than having brought a change for the good? Wishing you all a happy and a safe Diwali!

Going by this philosophy, Adarsh group focuses on sustainable intervention in Real Estate Industry and projects like Adarsh Palm Retreat, Adarsh Palm Acres and Adarsh Serenity, among other Luxury Villas In Bangalore focuses on the lush green landscaped environment for a healthy and conscious living.

Team Adarsh Group wishes everyone a safe and happy green Diwali!

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