Pet Policies to Keep in Mind While Living in an Apartment

November 23rd, 2018

There is an undeniable connection between humans and animals. Since the dawn of time, man has surrounded himself with his furry friends for either helping him in hunting, farming or just as a companion. In modern urban life, people look to their pets for comfort, friendship, and overall happiness. In fact, as the standard of living has improved over the last few decades in cities, more and more people are satisfying their desire to live with domestic pets.


However, not everyone shares the same love and affection for pets. A lot of people in urban spaces are either terrified or troubled by pets and their whims. Consequently, the rapidly growing population of pet owners find it difficult to live in apartment buildings because of this very reason. While one side of the argument wants nothing to do with non-human mammals, the other side would love to inundate every residential colony with scores of cats and dogs.

To arrive at a middle ground requires a certain level of empathy from both factions and an adherence to a basic set of policies. Let’s see some ways we can make both parties happy:

You can’t be banned from an apartment if you’re a pet owner


According to a recent circular by the Animal Welfare Board of India, apartment owners associations cannot ban pet owners for the reason of owning pets. Similarly, pets cannot be banned from using elevators or accessing parks and gardens. However, this is applicable to only the pets that are not in violation of any laws. Which means that you must ensure that the pet you own is legally allowed under the Indian Legal statutes.

Reign in the noise


A major reason why most people find pets, especially dogs, a nuisance is that they find the sound of barking discomforting. As per the above report, even though there is no legal objection against barking, you must be mindful of your neighbour’s troubles and try to ensure that your dog barks to a minimum, especially at night.

The bite is sometimes worse than the bark


Even though they might not admit it, a lot of people are scared of dogs and cats, either for themselves or for their children. You must ensure that you keep your pets on a leash or train them to be docile and playful in public. Any form of aggression will only serve to scare your neighbours more.

Clean up after your pets


Another huge concern for people in societies is the perception of filth associated with pets. You must always clean up after your pet. Leaving the excreta untouched because you think that’s how animals answer calls of nature is not acceptable while living in apartment buildings. Respect the cleanliness and sanctity of your shared spaces.

A call to action for all pet owners


There are anyway few apartment buildings accepting of pet owners in Indian cities. The aim should be not only to ensure that these existing societies don’t change their stands but also to encourage more to societies to be pet-friendly. The tolerance toward pet owners in India though is gradually increasing day by day. The only way to reach that utopian future is by living together in harmony and empathy.

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