Master the Art of Vacuuming for a Spotless Home

March 11th, 2021

‘There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort’. With no further thoughts, we need to agree to this quote by Jane Austin, an 18th century English novelist. Home is where you come back to, no matter where you go or how far you go. Home, to us, is the most comfortable emotional and physical space. Maintaining a clean home, for this very reason, is indispensable. 

The Importance of Having a Clean Home 

Ever since life’s become busy, dusting, putting things away, vacuuming has all become procrastinated chores. When a greater part of our life is spent at home, it is vital to keep the space and surrounding clean and tidy. Too much clutter often leads to immense stress and fatigue. 

Regular housekeeping improves the air quality indoors and kills germs. Maintaining cleanliness should be a priority for you and your family’s well-being as it offers a host of health benefits. 

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Why Vacuum Cleaners? 

A single person sheds over 1 million skin cells per hour. Where do these cells go? They blend with airborne dusts and rest on the rugs, furniture and carpets making room for dangerous microorganisms. A human head sheds an average of 50 to 100 strands of hair every day. They hide behind the curtains, cling on to your carpets, beds, and sofas. Your pets are your family but not their fur. The allergens from their fur maintain their strength for months. 

The woolly bears are everywhere. It’s wiser to get rid of the pet hair, debris, and crumbs from your upholstery and floors before they find their safe spots to grow. 

There are multitudes of bacteria beyond our normal vision. If not removed on a regular basis, these pathogens grow stronger and in number giving rise to numerous health hazards. The easiest and most beneficial option to maintain a clean home by keeping these microbes away would be to adapt to vacuum cleaners. 
Health Benefits of Vacuum Cleaning 

Vacuum cleaning is beyond your apartment’s appearance. It is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Are you an indoor smoker? You need to vacuum more often than the non-smokers. Carcinogens from your cigarettes increase the risk of cancer not just for you, but for your loved ones around you too. Twice a week vacuuming is recommended to keep these risks away. 

Sweeping and mopping does no harm to the bed bugs residing undisturbed on your beds. A higher percentage of us won’t even sense their bites. Vacuum your beds to ensure there are no more bug bites. 

Carpets add class to your living rooms. But it is home to firebrats, moths and many other insects. Protect yourself from these bugs by timely vacuuming your carpets. 

Severe indoor allergies are triggered by inhaling airborne particles of dust mites, pet dander, mold spores for a longer period of time. They lie in the unspotted corners causing severe health calamities. This could be easily avoided by practising a minimum level of hygiene. Vacuuming helps. 

The Right Vacuum Cleaner and the Right Techniques 

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your home and adapting to the best techniques is essential to make the best use of it. 

The Right Vacuum Cleaner

There are a variety of vacuums to choose from. Upright, canister, handled, stick vacuums, power sweepers are a few among them. Opting for the right vacuum is completely dependent on the make of your house. Choose the one that would best fit the requirements of your home. 

The Right Techniques

  • It’s better not to rush things. The effectiveness of vacuum comes when it is pulled back, not forward. Vacuum in both directions to completely remove the dirt and dust. 
  • Always head for the edge. Vacuum cleaners remove even the finest of the grains sticking to the corners. 
  • Pet hair, the tiny flecks of their skin, are everywhere. It’s not just the floor and carpets that need regular cleaning, but your sofas, chairs and beds too. 
  • Most homes have a combination of floors. Be mindful to adjust your vacuum accordingly. This has a huge impact in sucking up the dirt. 
  • Clean the filter frequently to avoid dust recycling. 

It might seem arduous to tidy every nook and corner in the midst of a hectic week at work but health comes first. So, keep your living space clean! 

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