How to Make Your Lifestyle More Organic and Sustainable?

November 6th, 2020

How we lead our lives has a direct impact on the environment. In the quest for luxury, we often seem to forget our responsibility towards the planet. Unnecessary wastage of resources, overuse of fossil fuels, and the use of non-biodegradable materials are some of the follies we commit every day. It is important to lead an organic and sustainable life to improve environmental situations.

Living amidst greenery can give you an idea about the peace and happiness that Mother Nature can bring to our lives. Well-planned housing projects like Adarsh Pinecourt or Adarsh Lakefront teach us a lesson or two about sustainability. If we wish to commit to an ecologically responsible lifestyle, here are a few things we could do:

Stay away from plastic

One of the biggest pollutants in the environment is plastic. Plastic bags, bottles, and toys are constant in every garbage dump. It is very difficult to break down plastic as it is non-biodegradable. It often goes unsegregated and untreated. From there on, it pollutes the soil, water, and even chokes innocent animals who accidentally eat it. Pledge to use biodegradable carry bags made out of jute or cotton while shopping. Make it a point to refuse all forms of plastic in and around your house.

Save water and electricity

Our planet is facing a massive crunch when it comes to water and energy. At the rate we are advancing, there might be nothing left for our future generations. So, make sure to conserve as much water and electricity as you can. Use alternative forms of renewable energy like solar and wind energy. Try installing a rainwater harvesting tank in your plush residence at Adarsh Premia. Turn off the kitchen or bathroom tap when not in use and switch off all electrical appliances to minimize wastage. Energy-saving windows and light bulbs can be great sustainable additions to your home.

Be judicious about the products you use

It is important to be aware of the products you are using. Many of our daily use products are made at the cost of the natural flora and fauna. If you want to lead an organic and sustainable lifestyle at your humble abode at Adarsh Mayberry, check the label of all the goods you consume you use. Anything that harms animals or the environment should be a strict no-no. Buy locally-sourced, organic goods to support the environment.

Turn your driving initiatives green

Are you against air pollution and the depletion of fossil fuels? Then it is about time to turn your commute initiatives green. Instead of a personal car or bike, opt for community travel in public transport. If you do own a vehicle, using green fuel to drive your cars is also a sustainable initiative. Vehicles that do not need combustible fuels like bicycles and electric scooters are good commute options for healthier living.

Plant more trees

Keep the surroundings of your magical villa at Adarsh Tranqville wrapped in the warmth of nature. Be it in your neighbourhood or the street you frequent every day, you can do your bit to turn the planet into a greener, safer place. Plant as many saplings as you can. Arrange regular planting drives in your locality to encourage others as well. Not only does this reduce the impact of deforestation but also boost an organic lifestyle.

Thus, a few simple tips and tricks can help us turn our lives around. All of us can be responsible and judicious global citizens. Our baby steps can help to heal the soul of our planet and make it a better place for the generations to come.

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