Living the Dream Life in a Penthouse

January 22nd, 2019

Nothing spells success and wealth as finely as a penthouse. Whether it is the impressive details, astonishing views, or the luxurious stretch of facilities, penthouses are the trophy homes of our time. Acres of land designed to perfection- providing iconic views and the detailing of exotic wood and bronze make penthouses a symbol of residential perfection. However, penthouses are not singularly about status, but also about lifestyle. With complete privacy and refined designs, life in a penthouse is the stuff of dreams.

If you seek peace, luxury, and comfort, then a penthouse is the correct choice for you. They are increasingly becoming the most sought-after type of homes for the following reasons:

Flaunt Your Style
Living the Dream Life in a Penthouse
One of the best parts of living in a penthouse is having panoramic views, lots of glass doors and the best pieces of interior design. You have the freedom of flaunting your style by decorating the house according to your tastes and preferences. For those who see a home as their canvas, a penthouse serves as the perfect one to reflect your personal style. Finally, a home worth bragging about!

Living the Dream Life in a Penthouse
If you love your privacy, living on the top floor is the go-to option. A penthouse will ensure that you are tucked away from all the hustle bustle of the lower floors. You can finally open your windows and welcome the fresh air without having to worry about prying neighbours.

Big On Space
Living the Dream Life in a Penthouse
A great part about living in a penthouse is that it has all the space you will ever need. Castaway all fears about a dearth of space for your family as the penthouse is the largest home in a condominium. You can finally throw the roof party you always wanted to with the open terrace and outdoor spaces.

Advantage of Location
Living the Dream Life in a Penthouse
If you choose to live in a penthouse, you will be living in the city and yet away from it. You will be close to all the amenities you need but can still manage to keep a safe distance from all the hullabaloo. In the case of an emergency, avail of the facilities located at just a stone’s throw away from your penthouse and then get back to enjoy your private life.

If you are convinced that penthouses are the best choice for you, Adarsh Group offers luxurious, spacious, and penthouses perfect for the urban dweller. Adarsh Premia located in Banashankari and Adarsh Palm Retreat Mayberry as well as Adarsh Palm Retreat Condominiums located near the Outer Ring Road, offer penthouses that are the epitome of quality construction synonymous with Adarsh Developers. Contact us today to find the perfect penthouse of your dreams.

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