Less is More: Trends on Buying Compact Homes

February 18th, 2019

With the rise of small families and solo living, compact homes are becoming more and more popular. Based on a survey across nine cities including Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata, the average size of the apartment has gone down by 3 percent between the financial years 2014 and 2016. The average size of villas has further decreased by 18 percent.


When it comes to compact homes, the area being less, the furniture allowance goes down. Superfluous furniture and appliance pieces are therefore best avoided when going in for a compact home. Instead, minimalist, sleek, and functional pieces of furniture are a thumbs up. A good example would be clear stools instead of heavy wooden chairs.

Open Design
Compartmentalising into rooms is a thing of the past. Compact homes are all about creating open and airy living spaces that offer multiple uses. An example would be a sofa set that doubles up as a bed at night to convert your living room into a makeshift bedroom.

Plenty of exterior view
Large windows that let in plenty of sunlight in the morning and act as ventilators at night help increase the expansiveness of the house. Walls often resonate with the feeling of being caged or surrounded. Tall windows on the other hand point to freedom and air.

High Ceilings
While some say this is a thing of the eighties, the trends state otherwise. When it comes to compact homes, high ceilings give off a sense of more space; an essential design factor for a minimalistic apartment.

Micro Appliances
Given the frenetic pace of modern-day living, seldom do people have the time to unwind the old-fashioned way and bake cookies and cakes. Keeping this in mind and sticking to the mantra of minimalism, you would do well to chuck out heavy ovens and dishwashers to create space. Small microwaves would do the trick just fine. If you live alone, a double door refrigerator can also be exchanged for a smaller one.

Apart from the aforementioned trends, the idea of having a small open area; usually a balcony full of plants, bright lights, and foldable furniture is also fast gaining popularity. Smart, functional storage units are also must-haves.

Customize your luxury apartments from Adarsh Group with a clean, classy minimalist touches that sets you apart from the rest.

The fundamental principle of maintaining an efficient compact house is to believe in leaving out the unnecessary. It is therefore wise to invest in durable, minimal pieces that have a range of functions to offer while taking up little or no space, because less is more.

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