Key considerations while looking for Senior Living Residences

October 1st, 2018

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Shyam is an IT professional in Bangalore with a handsome Salary and an Onsite visit due. His family is a loving nest of his parents, wife and children.

As a working financially well-planned couple, they are expecting to invest in a villa that can accommodate requests for their ageing parents in the near future. With Shyam mostly targeting an abroad settlement in the coming few years, here is what he needs to consider before investing.

In our understanding, the best option for him would be a community villa.

Reason being the following:
Open Space and Community:
With the growth of nuclear families with children living abroad or away from their parents or in case of Shyam’s who wants his ageing parents to have a peaceful surrounding away from the City’s bustle yet within reach of City’s Pros of Healthcare and similar facilities, spaciously open and airy Villa Community is an option to consider. With Duplex Models or well-planned spaces, both Shyam’s family and Parents can enjoy privacy, functionality and peace. Adarsh Palm Retreat Villas is one such, beautifully and thoughtfully designed space to accommodate both Senior and Nuclear Family living.
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However, some of the critical considerations to keep in mind while deciding on your ideal apartments or Villas are:
Customized Amenities that are available

While residential flats aimed at senior citizens are very few and typically are less equipped with facilities like health centres, specialised kitchens, gyms and recreational facilities, most offer housekeeping, maintenance and laundry services also. Some have doctors, therapists and dieticians to help their residents with physical and mental health ailments. But still, they are flats. Do consider your parent’s ability to move around and meet people with ease. Most often your parents can potentially succumb to indoors than trotting long corridors of high rise buildings.

Ideal Location:
Most real estate decisions come down to location. Is your new apartment close to family and friends? Closeness to public transportation, restaurants and theatres and other leisure activities also play an essential role. Especially for your active yet ageing parents, this can be enormously important. Is it a priority to escape from the noise and bustle of a big city is also a significant question that comes to mind when thinking of retired and peaceful living?

Overall culture:
Your parents will frequently be interacting and spending a lot of quality time with your new neighbours. The activities of a senior living apartment will be driven in mainly by the culture of its residents. Learning about the culture of the community around can aid in making an informed decision. Think about what’s most important to you and them. Do you want to be surrounded by like-minded people, who share similar religious or professional background is another critical question that needs to be ticked?

Physical and medical requirements:
As your parent’s age, it might become difficult to manage all their physical needs, including activities of daily living. Shopping, cleaning, washing, and looking after pets to intensive help with bathing, moving around, and eating are some of the activities that need a helping hand. They may also need increasing help with medical needs. These could vary from sudden conditions to regular checkups. It becomes imperative that you choose a peaceful residence with sufficient access to these facilities.
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While there can be many more factors that can change the course of your decision, these can be the starters for your planning. Factors like the resident’s feedback, referrals from family and friends or even staff feedbacks are essential inputs that should be considered. Apart from that, choosing a different home should be aimed only at making your and your parent’s life worth living and investing there. If you can see yourself living at the house when you age, this is probably the apt time you start planning.
Want to experience blissful, quite villas, suitable for senior accommodation? Explore Adarsh Palm Retreat Villas by Adarsh Developers here.

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