The importance of keeping snake plants at home & office

August 7th, 2021

A lot of plants are deliberately placed in the interiors of a house both for Vaastu or Feng shui and aesthetics. However, a few of these plants provide the best physiological advantages along with the other benefits. The renowned NASA had conducted research on the houseplants way back in 1989 and concluded that the plants with larger blade base areas work superiorly in purifying air organically. Snake plant is considered  as one of these plants

A snake plant is one very popular indoor plant as this has a beautiful appearance and the proper ability to improve the overall quality of air. Snake plant is also referred to as mother-in-law’s tongue. This plant is succulent that reaches a height of up to 8 feet. These plants provide several physical advantages with the extra benefit of providing a lot of tranquility.

Sizes and shapes of snake plants

The very popular and widely adopted snake plants are as follows:

  • Snake plant in the shape of a bird’s nest – This variety is called Hahnii. This plant grows up to a height of fifteen centimeters. The blades of this plant form a bunch that roughly resembles a cup that is comparable to something like a nest of birds.
  • Cylinder-shaped snake plants – The blades of this plant are spherical and can expand up to several feet in height. The blades of the plant create a coronet that reaches outwards.
  • Laurentii Sansevieria – This is a very popular snake plant with yellow edges and a greenish core.

The primary benefits of keeping snake plants in your house’s or office’s interiors

  1. Filters air organically – This eliminates the additional pollutants from the air, including xylene, benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. This plant also eliminates the large levels of carbon monoxide in the air and generates oxygen twenty-four hours a day.
  2. Plants that withstand water paucity – Snake plants are succulents that survives for a considerable time without water in different weather, including summertime. Hydrating this plant may be done once every month, and it would thrive well. Excessive watering of these plants may kill them entirely.
  3. Tackles domestic and outside air contamination – The latest studies reveal that domestic air contamination may be deadly as external air contamination. There seem to be several methods for minimizing external and domestic air contamination. One of the best routes is to grow snake plants in the interiors of the office and home. The best part is that it can flourish in all environments and endure the intense sunshine as well.
  4. Generous oxygen provider – As per research conducted at Harvard, the snake plants are amongst the top and best oxygen-supplying houseplants. Thus, this plant has physiological advantages for human beings.
  5. Shield of anti-cancer – The capacity of the snake plant in consuming and eliminating certain harmful cancer-causing components and air contaminants makes it an ideal alternative to treat and prevent certain fatal illnesses.
  6. Absorber of carbon dioxide during the night – Snake plants are responsible for lowering carbon dioxide at night. The hot-weather acclimatized succulents typically conduct a kind of photosynthesis. These plants would widen their stomata throughout the passage of night and reduce the moisture evaporation during the warm climate.
  7. Requires very less fertilizers – The snake plants require the least maintenance and can withstand direct sunlight, grow in the shade, and survive even if there is an irrigation shortage. Very less quantity of fertilizer is required for these plants to thrive and the snake plants can survive for long periods even if left unattended.
  8. Aesthetic looks – Besides being an indoor plant with significant air cleanser properties, this plant also has a very decorative appearance and looks dazzling.

So, all these inherent benefits of the snake plants make it one of the top choices amongst indoor plants.

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