Here is how you can welcome Winter into your Home with Zero Worries

October 1st, 2018

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Ready for taking over winters that are just around the corner without taking away from its essential character? Interior and Home Experts at Adarsh Developers bring to you a checklist to get your homes ready for the winters ahead.

While we save the winter festive decor edits, for later, now that monsoon is in its last phases, it’s important to prepare the homes to be winter and Instagrammable friendly. It’s time to give your home a makeover and spruce it up for the season.

Here are some great tips you can follow to make your home a safe and cozy haven when the chill wind blows.

Coz up Corners:
Get inspired by warm tones and candle nights. Who wouldn’t want to spend the late evenings in cozy corners and explore a favourite read before drifting into the night? Get started with rearranging furniture and layering couches. Restore the warm rugs and carpets back to their glory. Change the lighting to chrome or yellow and scent your home in cinnamons and oranges.
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Check all your heating equipment
If you use heaters, then you must get it serviced as they must be lying idle for long months. Get them checked so that there is no malfunctioning when you need them. In case, you have a fireplace of sorts clean the area up and stock a pile of good wood. Making homes more instagrammable, are raging on trend and here are some minimal chic fireplace inspiration.
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Check all the door and windows for inlets
While, the chill breeze is sure to set nostalgic abroad trips. check all your doors and windows to see if any crevices or inlets can let the breeze in and make the interiors freezing at midnights. Make sure your house is as insulated as possible to ensure that you get the maximum benefits out of the heater.
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Experiment with colours
Since winters are dull and cold, you could spice up the color scheme to add warmth to your home. Invest in bright furnishings for your room – get colourful curtains to add sparkle. You could also go for jewel tones and velvet edits and accents. Warm rugs and carpets will make your room cozy in appearance as well as feeling.
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Keeping the pests away
Damped homes can invite a variety of pests – bed bugs, moths, flies, spiders, ants, and cockroaches. Get your home entirely sprayed with a pesticide or insecticide as these insects could make a permanent residence in your home if ignored or not handled properly. A pest control shift must save the day.
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Cleaning all the pipes and sewage
Rainy season means a lot of damp down the drains and sewers. Make sure that you clear your drainage and water system well before winter. This could ensure that there are zero blockages, which might even cause flooding due to rains. Keep your garage well-functioning. Though this does not involve the interior of your homes directly, it is essential to make sure that you keep your vehicle and consequently your garage warm to ensure that your vehicle is well- functioning.

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