Find Your Inner Peace at Adarsh Palm Acres’ Zen Gardens

December 10th, 2018

The Zen gardens are one of the many luxurious amenities in the posh Adarsh Palm Acres project by the Adarsh Group. Synonymous with meditation and relaxation, Zen gardens provide a refreshing break from the hustle bustle of the city life. Living up to its image, Adarsh Group has carefully crafted this Japanese landscape in the project to appease the senses of urban dwellers. In an age where diseases like hypertension and cholesterol have become the norm, the Zen gardens are designed to restore calmness amidst the insanity of fast-paced modern life.


For those who are not familiar with Zen gardens, the concept originated in Japan in the sixth century. It was first created by Zen Buddhist monks to aid meditation. Later, these gardens were used to teach the principles of Zen. Also known as Japanese rock gardens, these aesthetically appealing landscapes appeal to people who love controlled settings of raked sand/rocks and pruned plantation. The design and structure of these gardens have changed and refined over the years, but the basic settings have remained the same.

The Design and Symbolism
Zen gardens mostly comprise of carefully maintained rocks, sand, gravels, pruned trees, bushes, moss, etc. Rocks are the foundational items in Japanese gardens and often represent mountains, but also symbolise the figure of Buddha, an epitome of harmony and peace. Similarly, other elements of the garden have different meaning such as islands and mountains, and flowing water. Zen gardens at first may appear lacking everything that describes a garden as we know it. But, they are supposed to remind us of the natural landscape even though the garden in itself is carefully controlled by man. Zen gardens are supposed to remind us of our roots that are often forgotten amid the crazy city life. Once you understand the meaning and significance of these gardens, you’ll see the importance of having such a landscape near you.


One of the reasons to build Zen gardens is to reduce stress and bring you peace when you are home. It provides a unique way of improving focus and develops a sense of well-being. And, what better way than to enjoy all this with your family. It is the ideal way to bring serenity and nature into our crowded lives, where stress and other diseases associated with it have become extremely common.

Zen gardens represent the principles of naturalness, simplicity, and austerity. The well thought Zen gardens by Adarsh Group complement the expansive, unprecedented pristine villa development of the luxury villas at Adarsh Palm Acres. The gardens are nestled in the lush multi-faceted, sprawling Central Park. Aesthetically appointed landscaping of the Zen gardens creates a relaxing atmosphere near your dream home in the heart of the IT Mecca of the country. Inspired by Central Park in New York City, the area is punctuated with unique landscaping elements aimed at reducing stormwater runoff and beating the heat during peak summers.


Designed by Site Concepts, the landscaping also has various recreational amenities like a garden plaza, flower garden, children’s playground, and open lawns. The green stretch within Adarsh Palm Acres not only include the dry landscape of the Zen gardens but also a jogging track. So, whether you want to enjoy a nice morning walk, pump some adrenaline, or just watch your little ones frolic around, this abundant landscape has it all.

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