Find Luxury and Comfort in High Ceilings

May 15th, 2019

Ever marveled at the gorgeous cathedrals in Europe or the pre-war houses turned into museums that envelope one in luxury and elegance?

Have you noticed anything common in these structures? If you looked closely, you’d probably say yes!

High ceilings were common in pre-war architecture, lending an immediate sense of space, air, and light to any building.

Did you know that the height of the ceiling influences your thoughts and perceptions of the world? Several studies have been conducted to study the relationship between ceiling height and the effect it has on our daily experiences, and the results are astounding.

According to research, we’re more creative in rooms with higher ceilings. With all other things being the same, people feel more creative in rooms with 10-foot ceilings as compared to ceilings that are 8 feet or lesser from the floor. One also tends to feel distracted if the ceiling of the room is lesser than 9 feet. It may also impact your mood by making you feel crowded or cramped.

An international study indicated that high ceilings create a psychological sense of freedom and rooms with higher ceilings were more likely to be judged as beautiful; the primary reason why people prefer homes that are well-lit and breezy.

There are other advantages of high ceilings too:

  • They look elegant and luxurious, making a room appear more spacious.
  • One does not feel cramped or clustered in a room with high ceilings.
  • It is easier to cool homes with higher ceilings, making them energy-efficient in warmer climates.
  • Higher ceilings offer ample room for exercising your creativity in terms of décor. For example, you could hang some rustic lights or include beams for a contemporary feel.
  • As mentioned previously, higher ceilings promote creativity and the feeling of general happiness.

It is unfortunate that post-war architecture shunned high-ceilings as lower ceilings were found to be more economical. However, the trend is coming back in vogue, especially with the revival of Victorian architecture in modern homes.

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