Some effective tips for a room to appear bigger

October 22nd, 2021

This is true that smaller spaces seem to be cozy & also appears to be more efficient but at the same time, smaller spaces can also appear to look disorganized and cramped. If you have some guests coming over to your place, you always wish that your living area would have been a bit bigger.

The great news is that there are several effective ways for making your small room appear bigger without collapsing your walls. Here are a few effective ideations and tricks that would maximize your small room to appear bigger.

Placement of small lights 

The lighting fixtures of large size that are placed overhead tend to swallow a lot of room space. The reason behind the same is that the light does not reach optimally to the corners of the room. One awesome solution to this is smaller light fixtures.

If small lights are dotted around the entire room, this would illuminate the room better and create depth in the room space, if you want to search for bulbs that provide diffused output, then the light spreads evenly and make the walls appear far away & not highlighted.

Lighter fabrics 

In case you are keen on making the space appear bigger, then you should avoid using heavy fabrics for making curtains. The thicker curtains tend to absorb a lot of light and weight a room down making the room appear smaller. You can always opt for light-coloured linen curtains in the common areas for helping the room feel spacious and airier.

Higher shelves 

Do you want your room to appear taller than its actual height? If so, then you should opt to place shelves, photo frames and paintings higher on the walls. Positing of these upwards in the space makes the eye automatically go up. When the fixtures and shelves are positioned lower, they appear to drag the room’s ceiling down making the space feel cramped and boxed-in.

The taller rooms look more spacious and lesser confined. This top would help in extending the space of the room but also gives you a luxurious and chic feel.

Embellished corners 

In order to ensure your space appear broader, you would want to draw the eye to the room’s corners. An easy way out is to place the tallest furniture at the room’s corners. These may include the tall floor standing lights, bookshelves, showcases etc. You should do the same with the paintings. You should hang them high to draw your vision to the widest points of your room.

Mirror magic 

This is one of the proven and oldest tricks to place mirrors in a small room to make it appear bigger. Adding mirrors to the wall is sometimes the cheapest way of maximizing the space in a small room. The reflective surfaces usually act as a space extender, so you must choose the mirror space carefully for achieving the best results.

Placing mirrors opposite to the windows of a room is a great idea for reflecting light around the room. You can also place the mirrors behinds the objects like the bar areas and credenzas. This would effectively create an illusion that there is another such section that lies behind that specific object.

Large furniture 

Placing larger furniture in a small room would sound to be counterintuitive but this actually works. When you place a lot of small furniture in a small room, the room may appear to be cluttered. However, if you place larger furniture units in a small room, the small room would appear to be bigger and cleaner.

Room within a room 

In case you do have a house with an open concept, you can create a room that is within a room for making the space of the floor appear bigger. For instance, you should not make a partition between your living room and dining room to make the room appear bigger and spacious.

Following the above tips and implementing them would help you effectively in making your small room appear bigger.

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