Diwali Decor Ideas for Homes

October 16th, 2018

dewali decors

The festival of lights is upon us and we are all out of fresh ideas to implement. Not to worry! We are here with some vintage ideas to enhance the age-old tradition of Diwali. It is now time to reintroduce grandma tricks for Diwali decoration.

Lamps are the central focus of Diwali. Enhancing the central idea to create new, unique effects is what you should be focusing on, this Diwali.

  • The vintage effect: the gold-brass lamps that your grandma is so fond of are perfect of this traditional, centuries-old festival.
  • The fairy lights: hang up rows and rows of fairy lights on the curtains or align them on the walls with paper cup covers to give a mellow effect.
  • The diyas: the small, ever burning diyas are the most versatile article at your service. Float them in a water bowl along with some big flowers to create a unique and calming effect.
  • The lanterns: the rows of baby lanterns can beautifully replace the fairy lights to add an extra festive effect. While the mandatory big lantern at the entrance is to welcome the guests with enthusiasm.

With the Diwali season, the brass, copper, and bronze are given importance because of their religious and sanctified values.

  • The copper pot filled with water is kept in the Diwali pooja, decorated with delicate flowers and leaves.
  • It is traditional to light up the brass lamps with 5 wicks for enhancing the calmness and happiness. It offers pure vibes and vintage look to your home.
  • The brass/copper plate for the pooja thali and sweet offerings to the gods.
  • The brass bells to add a final touch to the set of pooja setup.

Ahh! The food is important, at the same time most disregarded decor of Diwali. Remember the chaklis, karanjis, the sweets, the shakkar para, laddoos, anarsas that your grandma used to decorate your plate with? yum!! there are so many to pick from. This Diwali, instead of ordering the chaklis, ask your parents for the secret family recipe.

Make room for happiness
With the stress gifted by the city life, it is impossible to not clutter our homes. But Diwali offers you the Vigor (and Diwali holidays offer you the time) needed for deep cleaning your home. It’s a necessary investment of time and energy to make room for more happiness, lights and more family members. Please, spare nothing that is older than its prescribed life. The only place for the things lying deep in your closet is the garbage bin. But make sure to preserve the vintage articles. For eg: the fancy brass/copper pooja thali with little bells.

The sheer number of colours that the flowers offer will eliminate the need for other decorations. The flower torans made out of soft chrysanthemums- reds, yellows, whites, the water lilies, or the lilies in water with lamps, the vases filled with carnations- there are so many possibilities.

The colour merged patterns and little diyas to light up the doorstep is the best welcome for the guests. And the little ones near the pooja mandir for welcoming the gods every day.

Team Adarsh Group wishes everyone a safe and happy green Diwali!

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