Adarsh Palm Acres – Experience Lush wilderness and sophistication in a location that is a landmark on its own

April 17th, 2020

Adarsh Palm Acres is an exquisitely designed contemporary residential property located in Northern Bengaluru. The beautiful aesthetics, the concepts of sustainability, and the lush green surroundings make it a perfect abode for the modern urban dwellers.

One of the unique aspects of this property is the lush wilderness coupled with the sophistication of modern amenities which make Adarsh Palm Acres a landmark in its own right. The property has been conceptualized and designed based on the inspiration drawn from Central Park in New York. Each residential unit in the Adarsh Palm Acres is a contemporary villa which is both Vaastu-friendly and naturally ventilated. Along with the lush green surroundings and warmth, the property offers a large number of indoor and outdoor amenities like swimming pool, gymnasium, clubhouse, banquet hall, tennis courts, and many more.

Let us take you through a tour of Adarsh Palm Acres, its indoor and outdoor amenities, salient features, and the overall environment that make it one of a kind.

A Blend of Wilderness and Sophistication:

Adarsh Palm Acres is a perfect blend of elements of nature, wilderness, and luxury enveloped in contemporary architecture. The busy life of urban dwellers coupled with the concrete metropolitan surroundings of Bengaluru makes for a life, which is extremely sedentary, and far removed from the vicinity of nature, this is where Adarsh palm Acres come in. The township incorporates a keen sense of aesthetics, consisting of beautiful and transcendent flower gardens, zen, and maze gardens all of which add an otherworldly innate beauty to the township.

Adarsh Palm acres offer homes that are eco-friendly, well-ventilated, surrounded by lush wilderness, and laced with modern amenities. The opulence and sophistication that has been built into the property include state of the art technological appliances, contemporarily designed living and dining spaces, modern restrooms and plenty of other structural and design elements that offer an unparalleled living experience. Features like rainwater harvesting, efficient security systems and well-designed aspects of home automation contribute significantly to the architectural, and design superiority of the property.

Modern Indoor and Outdoor Amenities:

Replete with all the modern amenities perceivable, this Central Park-like tranquil and sophisticated property extends a superior lifestyle and living experience. These amenities include gymnasiums, health-clubs, jogging tracks, swimming pools, etc concentrating on physical health and well-being. On the other hand, amenities like yoga centers, meditation centers, zen gardens, etc concentrate on mental health and well being.

Other sets of amenities that cover the cultural and recreational aspects of a great lifestyle include an amphitheater, a library, multipurpose hall, restaurants, poolside cabana, and many more.

So that was a small tour of the Adarsh Palm Acres, which offers a perfect blend of serenity, sustainability, luxury, and modernity. The lush green surroundings naturally ventilated villas, and the overall tranquillity of the location makes it not just a perfect place to stay but also a unique landmark.

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