6 Home Decor Ideas to Rejuvenate This Navratri

October 16th, 2018

The super excited festive season is here and ongoing – Navratri. It is a nine days festival of complete devotion. People celebrate it with Pooja, Aarti, Vrat, Garba, music, food and colours.

The following is a humble attempt to provide ideas to the reader on home décor this Navratri.

Get Gujarat To Your Home
Use your Ghaghras or mirror worked cushion covers to cut them into square shapes. Display them on the wall and you are good to get colourful walls. If you can get hold of Ajrakh printing of Dhamadka and Ajrakhpur of Kutch there is nothing like it. Invest in Matani-Pachedi or Kalamkari of Gujarat; they bring exclusivity to your home. If nothing prevails, the ‘Batik’ print always does the needful.

This Season Let The Earth Do The Needful
The ethnic decor in homes looks classic. The earthen-made things placed as decorative pieces would do the best decor for you. Bring in the earthen pots well placed in the corner of your homes. Place the earthenware near the staircase to give a warm welcome to your guests. One may also lit candles or diyas around it to give that special light effect. Try the rusty look of wind-chimes that provide a melodious rhythm along with its classic décor.

Let The Color Of Navratri Rule Your Home
When you do not want to invest in shopping for home décor, the best is to bring out all the colors from the bedding case. Let the colorful rugs and cushion covers come and bring in the magical power. Let the photographs black and white, as well as colored, get displayed on the walls and shelves. Bring in the lanterns and lamps near the tables and side tables. It is an exquisite sight to see how the home glitters with colors.

Make Space For Indian Setting In The Living Room
Recreate Indian living space by changing the arrangements of the sofa in the living room. Get hold of a mattress and place a colorful bedcover with designer cushions. You will find the difference it has made to your living space.

Team Adarsh Group wishes all a happy Navratri!
While there are colors for apparels for every night, it is time to make your home décor go chic. This festive season, let the home get the flavor of Navratri

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